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Facilitation / Instructional Design sample:
Leadership 101

About this project

This training was a 3-part program on the foundational basics of leadership. I guided learners through 3 sessions over the course of 3 months.

Session 1: "Leadership 101"

"Leadership Is Influence" - John C. Maxell.

1. Learners explore Maxwell's definition of leadership. 

2. Learners examine their own influence as leaders.

Session 2: "Amplify Your Leadership"

1. Learners analyze the connection between leadership and relationships.

2. Learners develop a tool box of healthy relationship building skills.

Session 3: "The Rhythm of Impact"

1. Learners analyze the connection between relationships as leadership with the need for empathy and compassion.

2. Learners understand that Empathy and Compassion can only be given to others if we can also give it to ourselves.

I incorporated a "throwback" Fresh Prince of Belair theme to this training. Studies show that nostalgia has great benefits in combatting feelings of loneliness. As a facilitator, my goal is to create learning environments in which participants feel a sense of connection and belonging. Utilizing tools like nostalgia help learners feel a sense of safety and comfort allowing for greater experience with content.

Project Details

Type: Virtual Facilitation/Instructional Design

Date: March-June 2021

Audience: Students/Future Educators

Client: Ygnacio Valley Education Academy

Length: 4-6 hours of content

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