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LXP/Company Intranet Design:

About this project

In my role as Talent Development Manager, I procured, designed, and launched our company's LXP which evolved to also function as our company's intranet.

I managed the project and task of acquiring all company resources, tools, and documents to host on the platform. I also trained our entire organization on how to upload content, communications, and utilize the platform for other forms of company optimization.

The goal in designing our LXP as our company intranet was to drive constant traffic to the key platform that would house all tools and drivers for individual and organizational talent development.

On this platform, we not only housed key learning offers and courses, but our entire onboarding process, as well as our performance management system.

This became our one-stop-shop for all vital resources and learning at Vita Coco - hence the name of the platform being "Vital".

Project Details

Type: LXP, Graphic Design, Project Management, Performance Management

Date: 2022

Client: The Vita Coco Company

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