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When Home is More Places than One.

When home is more places than one: the beautiful struggle.

In 2011, I decided to leave it all behind and begin a new journey. Moving from my little 3,500 person town to big, bad California. And while I miss home every day, I simply new in my heart that the Lord had a greater adventure in store. It’s been hard. It’s been wonderful. I’ve had moments of feeling completely alone. I’ve had moments of some of the most incredible connection, support and community. I’ve head moments of heartbreak and hurt. I’ve had moments of blissful love and excitement. I’ve been broke off my a$$… and well, let’s be really, that hasn’t really changed, but eh you know what they say, “mo’ money, mo’ problems”. Ultimately, I haven’t done it all right, but that’s what makes this crazy life so worth it.


Yeah, yeah, I know. You’ve heard it about a million times. But what does it really mean? I believe life to the fullest means the deepest pain and sorrow as well as the most indescribable joys. It means that, even in our failure, Jesus creates purpose in it all. It means, that in Jesus, we have to freedom to take a risk, pursue our DEEPEST PASSIONS (or for some of us - simply, FIGURE OUT our deepest passions - and that’s okay, too).

My deepest encouragement to you in this new year - find out your deepest passion, discover what makes your heart full, learn what you were made to do… and regardless of the distance, regardless of the challenges, regardless of the fear, hurt and pain… PURSUE YOUR PASSION.

I have yet to reach it myself… but can’t wait for the many more exciting things to come. “No one did anything great by playing it safe.” You may think it’s cliche - but for me, it’s truth.

And even if you fail, there are always friends to sit down, snag a cup of coffee with and remind you God's good and life is gucci. 🤙🏼

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