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Choose the Adventure.

ANYTHING can be an adventure… if you choose to make it so.

We have nothing to lose and a world to see. Seek adventure. Live with the perspective of imagination, creativity and a “why not” mindset. And find the beauty in uncertainty.

A few weeks ago - Elise: Wanna go to Colorado? Me: Why not.

Wednesday a day before my flight, I text my two friends, Elise and Hannah, asking… wait, so what are we doing when we get there? And in classic, far too familiar fashion, we realized we had absolutely no clue. #noplansweekend You’d think we’d learn by now, as we’ve had far too many plan-less trips in our past… but if we’re going to be honest, a plan is never what my heart is after - my heart wants the journey… the story… the ADVENTURE.

And so, Thursday morning, I boarded a plane (barely in time - the usual) flew to Colorado, with no plans of a place to stay, a very limited budget and an excited “make it up as I go” mentality.


A plan. Something our hearts often find great security in. But is that really where growth takes place? Is that where we discover the real depths of our heart? Is security actually what we were made for?

“There is something else I am after, out here in the wild. I am searching for an even more elusive prey . . . something that can only be found through the help of wilderness. I am looking for my heart.”

If you know ANYTHING about my life right now - know this: I have NO CLUE what the next 6 months of my life hold. I’m a semester away from a long overdue degree in a field of work I love. I’ve spent the last 7 years filling life with adventure and a whole lot of “Oh, this will pay off someday”’s. And now, here I am. That “someday” is here. And I still have NO CLUE.

And that’s okay. Because life is about the adventure. If I stepped back into security, I would never know the fullness of what makes my heart sing. Our hearts were made to sing. And we only learn our song through the unknown adventure ahead.

So march on. Take the risk. Move to the city that pulls on your heart. Apply for the job you’re unqualified for. Say hello to the stranger next to you. And embrace the beauty of uncertainty. Live the adventure.

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