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The Sun, the Moon, and a World Standing Still.

And for a few brief moments, the world stood still…

Racism. Hate. Brokenness. Poverty. Inequality. Judgement. Hurt.

Seemingly.. all that is talked about lately… and understandably so. But Monday morning, something special happened… whether you realize it or not.

Our country witnessed history. Sure, pretty cool, right?

BUT, my favorite part of this chaotic, perhaps overly publicized, overrated (to some), retina-burning, and traffic-jam-creating eclipse… is that for a few moments this Monday morning, all races, all genders, all sexual orientations, all religions, all political views… stopped… and stood in awe and wonder for the exact same reason.

The heart that’s in me… that heart that’s in you… the heart that’s in every human on this earth experienced the wonder of something so big… reminding us of the beauty in this world that we ALL play a part in and belong to… TOGETHER.

Our God is an awesome creator. And Monday morning, He smiled extra big as ALL His children sat in amazement as ONE. As it was meant to be.

“The moment we lose peace is when we forget we BELONG to each other.”

Post inspired by my rad friend @brookers_

Photo by @shutter.klick

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