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It’s a big world we live in. And although we’re more connected than ever, disconnecting and checking out has become just as easy. Pain isn’t fun… and if we can avoid it, we do. We distract ourselves, we change the channel, we keep scrolling through, and we disregard the very thing our hearts were MADE for - to love, to feel, to CARE. How many of us are guilty of this? Apathy over empathy… Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to stand side by side, face to face, heart to heart with a pain and reality I had prior avoided. The pain of a community with 17 less lives in attendance. The pain of families who didn’t have the luxury of “changing the channel”. The pain of thousands of young kids, rising up to FIGHT. I believe that through our deepest pains, we in turn learn deeper love. And that is what our world needs most. A world that grows numb to pain is also a world that grows numb to love. And so, I beg of you… lean into the hurt. Sit silently with the pain of a stranger. Give permission for yourself to cry over the heartbreak of others. And choose CARE over COMFORT. Because there is NOTHING more powerful, no greater resource, and no movement more on fire than one ignited by deep, raw, hurting, authentic, vibrant, LOVE… united over the passionate care for fellow mankind. ENOUGH. Enough to the disconnection. Enough to the preferred comfort. Enough to a world growing numb. Let our love lead us to action.

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