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If you know me, you know I am CONSTANTLY craving sugar… more specifically: Slurpees, Birthday Cake Milkshakes, Bottlecaps & most importantly, Trolli Eggs (if you haven’t had Trolli Eggs, snag a pack at the nearest 7 Eleven - they’re best when fresh so search for the bags in the way back - they will change your life… you’re welcome). But as humans, our cravings don’t stop at simply food… and some of these cravings aren’t as easy to satisfy. For example… We crave a life of SIGNIFICANCE. We crave a life of PURPOSE. We crave a life of MEANING. We crave a life of IMPACT. [take a moment to think about those words - because I’m convinced it’s what we’re all after] Cravings aren’t wrong. We were born with wants and desires. However, at what point have our cravings got out of hand? At what point have these desires been distorted to become damaging or even destructive. We live in a world where our cravings for significance, purpose, meaning and impact have become SO distorted to the point where our desire for something good has become a tool of destruction. I’ve come to believe:

••• We’ve replaced SIGNIFICANCE with a desire to be SEEN. • We’ve traded true PUPOSE for a surface level PLATFORM. • We’ve confused MEANING with MULTITUDE. • And we’ve sacrificed IMPACT for “INFLUENCE”. ••• My craving for sugary sweets isn’t necessarily wrong… however, it will never replace a healthy meal. I pray that we realize the • number next to our name • on a social media account can never and will never replace the VALUE we offer the world through true significance, purpose, meaning and IMPACT. It’s up to YOU to figure out what that really looks like...

Are we a world of “influencers”? Or impacters…

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