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Passionate about People. Passionate about Change.

At age 18, during his senior year of high school, Alex was elected to serve as the Oregon FFA State President where he traveled the country speaking to audiences as large as 20,000 and facilitating leadership workshops and conferences for high school students across the country. 


Since then, he has continued his work in leadership/talent development through jobs as a leadership trainer, conference facilitator, Manager of Talent Development, and speaker in over 30 different states.


He has worked under Dr. Tim Elmore, President of Growing Leaders, partnered with Studio 5 Learning & Development for numerous projects in corporate L&D, and served as the Global Manager of Talent Development for The Vita Coco Company. Alex graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a degree in Organizational Leadership.

Alex works hard to create learning solutions and experiences that produce leaders who will transform the world through compassion, empathy, and understanding. Whether young or old, Alex believes we all play a part in this mission. 

Areas of Expertise
  • Adult Development and Learning Theory

  • Team Dynamics

  • Leading with Empathy & Compassion

  • Conflict Management & Emotional Regulation

  • Setting Boundaries

  • Leadership Theory

  • DEI

  • Onboarding & Induction

  • Performance Management/Development

  • Managerial Communication

  • Workshop Facilitation & Public Speaking

  • Curriculum Development & Instructional Design

  • Bachelors Degree in Organizational Leadership.

  • Ziglar Leadership Certified (Zig Ziglar, Inc.)

  • Certifications in Performance Management, Project Management, Inclusive Instructional Design, and more...

  • Spoken in front of audiences as large as 30,000.

  • Facilitated leadership conferences in over 30 different states.

  • Professionally developed leadership content and curriculum for nationally recognized leadership organizations.

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